November Wow Already?!

Hello MFWers,

It's time for Thanksgiving and reflection of all of the MFW sales you were able to take advantage of and rejoice.  What better way to rejoice than with a sale. 

After a careful and diligent survey to you from us we have decided to close the Home Fitness Support Section. This will happen at the turn of the year so you have until December time frame to make purchases in this category section. 

It is to our understanding that you all are not interested in home fitness in regards to us but you love all of our other products. We hear you and will be closing this section down. Thank you so much for your input and recommendations. You all are awesome not just because you are here but you are here because you all are awesome. 

This is just a reminder of the Home Fitness Support section closing and October sales of course.  

Again, thank you so much for choosing My Fit for your shopping needs. 

Don't forget to use codes:



for up to 15% off



MFW Admin

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