Here are some common questions that are normally asked. We hope that you are able to find a quick answer here. If not please contact us.  

1) Why does it take so long to deliver my product? Products are created normally within 48 hours. Once shipped out your order is tracked and from the first ship day to your designated address will normally be within 20 business days.  However, due to COVID-19 shipping times are taking longer than normal. We are working diligently to fulfil your order as soon as possible while adhering to city, county, state and federal guidelines. So, please be patient with us. 

2) Can I return my product if I am not happy with it? Yes, but please see our return policy page for more valuable information.  

3) Do you offer discounts and sales? Yes, one of our standing discounts is if you purchase more than one item an automatic 5% discount is added to your over all order.  

4) Do you offer returns for money if I return my item? Yes, but it is a cases by cases basis and if your account has many items for returns an inquiry will be made to improve our services and/or product(s). Please see our return policy for more valuable information. 

5) Do you have business hours? Yes, however, please allow us time to respond to your inquiry. 

6) Do you and why do you collect my credit card and personal information? Yes, please see our privacy policy for more valuable information. 

7) Do I get a discount for being a repeat customer? Yes, please contact us to get your discount code. It is only given to repeat customers. 

8) How long does it take to get a response to my questions once I use your Contact Us page? Please allow 48 hours or two business days to respond to your questions. We normally respond very quickly to questions.  

9) If I am having trouble with tracking my order can you help me? Yes, we will need your tracking number and any other information so that we can track down your order and give you a proper update. 

10) Will you add more products in the future? Yes, we always aim to improve and we feel that it is better to move slow and sure than fast and reckless. 

* Note: If you have any questions that was not answered here please contact us and we will address your questions. Thank you for choosing My Fit Watch. 

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