About My Fit Watch

 My Fit Watch (MFW) was created with you in mind. We endeavor to have some of the best watches in our store. This endeavor includes but is not limited to smart watches, fitness watches, casual watches and luxury watches. We want you to know that you can expect good quality watches from MFW. All of our watches are of the up most quality, durability, and you can use it for fitness, casual wear as well as your life style. We have expanded MFW to include clothes and other items that is design to make you look good. 

By your request, we have added clothes and other items to support you in your efforts of fitness and looking good. Now that you are living a heathier life style and fit and/or well on your way why not show it off? So, we have added dresses, suits, t-shirts, hoodies, and more just for you. You asked and we hear you. Enjoy.  

In an effort to support you in your fitness goals My Fit Watch have included home fitness options. These support items are items that you can use at home, on the beach, in the park and so on. We understand that many people want to workout at home and this is why we design this help for people who wants to workout other than the gym. This includes items that are not watches but definitely support your fitness goals. 

You, My Fit Watch VIP customers have asked that we expand and include more items. We hear you and have done as you request. You will find gift items, casual wear items and other items. Even though our focus shall remain in fitness and watches other items are included to improve your motivation to workout and to help motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for your support, please sign up for the My Fit Watch VIP list to submit suggestions, request and get codes for sales, and other discounts, prizes and more. Sign up today it's free.  




 My Fit Watch is an IME Company.

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