March Madness is Here!

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What's up! MFWers, 

I hope that your day, month and year is going well. I am just here to remind you to join our VIP list located near that bottom of each page for special discounts and benefits. As a thank you for being here we have on going benefits in the for of: SALE01 and NEW01 for up to 15% discount. 

MFW is always trying to improve your buying experience and the quality of your experience so that it is seamless and enjoyable. As apart of our VIP list you get special discounts as sales that no one else has and/or will have for a few days or so. 


Thank you for being so awesome. As times improve so does our delivery time. So, please allow us time to get your product(s) to you in a safe and timely fashion. Thank you so much for your patience and trust. 


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